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The Sequel: Managing Projects

Welcome to the Sequel aka Part Two of our tutorials (hopefully it’s as good as the first one?)

If you’ve followed us from Part One, you will have learned that in order to run projects remotely, you need to be logged in. Because this gives you a unique account key, it slightly alters the code you need to use during installation.

We’ll explain that more in a minute. For now, let’s assume you’ve just come to the Concurix site and you’ve logged in. You’re ready to create your first project. You’ll start by navigating to the Profiler.


Once the Profiler page loads, you’ll see a drop down menu that will give you access to any projects that you’ve already created. But, since we’re new to the site, we’ll need to create a new project.



Clicking on “create a new project” will bring you to this form.


In the boxes provided, fill out the important identifying information. Especially the box for the hostname. Go ahead and click “create project” when you’re finished. 

Remember at the beginning of this when I mentioned the code you’d need to put into your application was going to alter slightly because of the unique account key? This is that unique account key.



It’s the same protocol as before. Make sure that you have installed concurixjs to your node_modules directory:

$ npm install concurixjs 

Then, add THESE lines to your app.js file and run your app:

var cx = require(‘concurixjs’) ( {

       accountKey: “your key goes here

} ); 

cx.start( ); 

Navigate back to the Profiler on 

From the drop down, select your shiny, new project.


The post is long, but the actual work is short (there’s really only 3 or 4 actual steps). Thanks for sticking through the whole tutorial and reading to the end. We’d love to hear back from you! We’re available at anytime to get your feedback or just chat – we get lonely sometimes too. 


Megan & the Concurix Team 

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