Node.js Profiling meets Monitoring

The world's first longitudinal profiler.

Profile a full Node.js application over time.

Instantly spot performance bottlenecks and anomalies.

Over 50,000 NPM libraries supported; over 80,000,000 profiles served!

For development and production, with flat rate unlimited server plans.

$149 /mo unlimited servers


The Concurix Profiler is the only solution available today that can analyze both CPU time and callback delay time for every module across an entire application.

Application profile data is sent to a real-time, interactive visualization tool allowing you to explore your entire application live, as it runs.


Concurix Monitoring tracks the performance of every major function and every module in your application. Sophisticated statistical models spot problems deep in side your application, generating real-time alerts as well as daily performance reports.

Easy Setup

Sign up and create a project!

Install concurix-monitor to your node_modules directory:

$npm install --save concurix-monitor

Add these lines at the very beginning of your app.js file and run your app:

var cx = require('concurix-monitor')({
  accountKey: <your account key>
$ node app.js

Navigate to the Concurix Dashboard and select your project.

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