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    Concurix uses projects for both the monitoring and profiling products. A project is simply a way to organize data collected from your application via the concurix-monitor library. A project has an accountKey, and any data gathered under that key will be aggregated and analyzed together. A single project can support any number of servers for profiling, and similarly any number of of specified user accounts can access the data if those accounts are added to the 'contributors' field below.

    We recommend creating one project per application. Often, this will be something like a website or api server. However, more complex applications may benefit from having multiple projects, such as splitting the api/html servers from a batch mode background analytics system. Note, however, that only one accountKey can be used per OS / Node.js process.

    To get started simply fill out the fields below. Or you can examine the Node.js Express Demo as an example for how to fill out the form.

    Once you create your new project, you will be given an accountKey to identify your code to concurix.com. See the documentation.

    Project details

    Quick setup

    Install the concurix-monitor module on the command line

    npm install --save concurix-monitor

    Start the monitor before other modules at the top of your server script

    var cx = require('concurix-monitor')({
       accountKey: "<your API key here>"

    Set your server to start with extra debug info (optional)

    node --expose-debug-as=v8debug server.js

    For full setup instructions, see the documentation.