Node.js Production Profiling and Monitoring

Continuously profile applications in production. Monitor function level performance, callback latencies, memory usage, and more! Simple, one step installation. Fully on-premise so your data is safe.

    latRes.pipe(terminus.concat(function latencyReply(contents){

History charts show performance over time

Flame graphs show javascript execution time

Waterfall graphs show callback latencies

Automatic InstrumentationAutomatic instrumentation of an entire code base, including third party modules with one line of codeOver 80,000 npm modules supportedOver 1 billion lines of code profiled

Insightful VisualizationsVisualize millions of lines of code on one screenFlame graph profiles on any operating systemReal time visualization of live, running servers

Profiling Meets MonitoringExtremely low overhead instrumentation allows for continuous profiling, even in productionCorrelate system load and memory metrics with application performanceRewind to any point in history to analyze anomalies

Code Level InsightsPerformance bottlenecks and callbacks identified at the exact line of codeAnalyze entire calling sequence, even across asynchronous callsAdd arbitrary custom metrics for additional insights

Concurix is extremely easy to install. The 'concurix' NPM module will automatically instrument your entire application, including third party modules.

No signup required! Simply follow these steps below.

Server Setup

Global Install

$ npm install -g concurix-server
$ concurix-server <port>

Local Install

$ npm install concurix-server
./node_modules/concurix-server/bin/server.js <port>

Tracer Configuration

Install the concurix tracer module on whichever projects you want monitored and point them at your concurix server.

$ npm install concurix
var tracer = require('concurix')({
  accountKey: "wfp:my_project"// Any string as long as it starts with wfp: 
  api_host: 'localhost',        // Defaults to localhost 
  api_port: 8103                // Defaults to 80 

Web Application

Once the initial data has been sent to your server from the tracer, you will be able to view that data from the dashboard by navigating your browser to http://localhost:8103/dash/wfp:my_project

Concurix's performance tools have been used over a hundred million times on over a billion lines of code. We are pleased to offer our Generation 3 Node.js production profiling tool with a risk free, unlimited trial period.

If you are satisfied with the trial, simply purchase a one time commercial license $50 USD per seat. For additional support and consulting options, please contact